30 Guernsey Essentials: Tasty Walks

Tasty Walks GuernseyDuring 2014, we are celebrating 30 years of bringing customers from the UK to the Channel Islands. As part of this celebration, we will be writing about 30 Guernsey essentials, from attractions and outdoor activities to special local food and some lesser-known island treats.

Part 4: Tasty Walks

Combining the very popular past-times of walking and eating, Tasty Walks are eleven self-guided itineraries for you to enjoy at your own pace and appetite – complete with audio guidance. Tasty Walks will take you to St Peter Port, all around the coast, and inland to the island’s country parishes. Enjoy the stunning south coast cliffpaths, admire the long sweeping western bays, and stope at the local cafés and restaurants to refresh and relax.

Tasty Walks Guernsey

Freedom to Roam!

The Tasty Walks have been designed with your freedom in mind – there is no need to follow any particular order. Start by picking up a map and downloading your free audio-guide from the Visit Guernsey website. You can then simply decide where you would like to start from, adapting your itinerary according to the weather forecast, your physical fitness, or your appetite!

None of the routes are really arduous but do bear in mind the need for proper shoes and clothing. For instance, the south coast walk ( No3) isn’t only the longest hike but also presents more of a sporting challenge. Walkers will, however, be rewarded by fabulous views over some of Guernsey most enchanting bays, including Moulin Huet, one of Renoir’s favourites.

Tasty Walks Guernsey

Coffee shops, restaurants and pubs will be pointed out to you along the way but again it will be entirely up to you to decide where and when to stop. From a coffee to a local beer, a light lunch to full pub grub, the choice is endless. Food is a serious matter in Guernsey, so expect many locally grown products on your plates!

Tasty Walks Guernsey

Nature and Civilisation

As a walker in Guernsey, your efforts will be rewarded by the beauty of our multi-faceted island, as much as by the rich history.

The island has provided shelter to man since prehistoric times, and agriculture developed alongside religious beliefs – shaping Guernsey’s landscape as much as the local population’s unique attachment to it. Witches have a place in the local folklore, castles and forts proudly defend the coast against foreign invasion, and ancient watering holes are proof of a long collaboration between man and land.

Take your time to discover it all, the Tasty Walks are a fantastic way to do just that.


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