An instagrammer’s guide to Guernsey

All information in this blog post is correct as of the publishing date,  23.02.18.

Many people say that if it’s not on Instagram, then it didn’t happen. That’s why millions of people use the photo sharing site to showcase their photography skills and the beauty of the area they live in or are visiting.

Those of you that are planning on going on Guernsey holidays this year are in luck as the island is a paradise for those attached to this social media platform. With the help of some top instagrammers who either live in Guernsey or have been on holiday to the island, we’ve highlighted some of the best places to snap a photo that you can share and make all your friends and family envious.

Why instagrammers should visit Guernsey?

There are many reasons instagrammers should visit the island, but don’t just take our word for it.

Visit Guernsey, says, “Guernsey’s character and atmosphere are distinctly its own and the island offers some beautifully picturesque locations for Instagram photos. Where else can you explore cliff paths and winding country lanes in the morning, discover golden beaches and hidden coves in the afternoon then find yourself enjoying a fabulous seafood supper on a completely different island? Add to this a beautiful harbour town – a fantastic mix of cosmopolitan hustle and bustle, fine restaurants and great shopping – wooded valleys, crystal clear waters and all the entertainment, history and relaxation you need for the perfect break.

“One of the best things about a holiday in the Bailiwick is that it’s not just one destination, but five. You’ll be able to visit and take photos of Guernsey’s sister isles of Lihou, Herm, Sark and Alderney, which are stepping stones to a different world, each with its own distinct character and pace.

“Regarded as one of Europe’s most beautiful harbour towns, St Peter Port is a vibrant mix of hustle and bustle with a distinctly Continental atmosphere. By day, its terraced tumble and cobbled streets are a heady mix of great shopping, hidden stairways and pavement tables set out for alfresco dining – a romantic backdrop to a working harbour of painted fishing boats and the tall masts of marina yachts bobbing and swaying in clear green waters.

“By night, its cobbled streets come alive with the aromas of restaurants and the air is buzzing with activity and a great music scene. The moon rises over the illuminated medieval castle and the lights of Herm glitter on the horizon.”

Getting that perfect Instagram shot

West coast of Guernsey

West coast of Guernsey

Locate Guernsey, who have been on Instagram since March 2016, took this great snap of the sun setting on the west coast of Guernsey.

Why Locate Guernsey love Guernsey

Robbie Le Messurier from Locate Guernsey says, “What we love is that the pictures you see don’t need a filter. Guernsey really is this beautiful. It’s so easy to find the balance necessary to do whatever you want. The only problem is you have too much to choose from.”

St Martins Point (Jerbourg Point)

St Martins Point (Jerbourg Point)

Stuart Hamon is a photographer based in Guernsey and not only has he been on Instagram for 5 years he has his own photography site. For this photograph you will need to head to St Martins Point (or Jerbourg Point as it is also known) in the south-east of the island.

Why Stuart Hamon loves Guernsey

“What I love about Guernsey is it’s a lot safer and quieter way of life compared to some parts of the UK. It has brilliant views and beaches which are perfect if you are a photographer. Guernsey has some wonderful places to eat & drink and is the perfect place to visit during the summer months.”

Richmond Headland

Richmond Headland

Luc De La Mare first created an Instagram account back in October 2016 and has since been sharing some fantastic snaps (like the above photograph of Richmond Headland) of his home Guernsey.

Why Luc De La Mare loves Guernsey

“I love many different aspects of Guernsey, the relaxed way of life, the safety of the Island, the sense of community, the amazing seafood, and of course the stunning scenery. But most of all I love being surrounded by the sea!

“I enjoy both summer and winter (although much prefer summer). In winter, the wild weather and storms. In summer, speeding around the different Islands by boat spotting dolphins along the way; as well as other water based activities including kayaking, wake boarding and snorkelling.

“Coming from an amateur photographers point of view I love the Island because, despite its small size, there’s always something to take pictures of. If you look at my Instagram you’ll see I mostly shoot landscapes/nature/outdoors, the Island always provides something new for me in these areas. For example you could shoot the exact same spot somewhere along the coast, but the state of tide might be different exposing different rocks and features changing the landscape. That mixed with different weather, time of day/year allows for endless possibilities for photography all around the island.”

The cliffs

The cliffs in Guernsey

Scott Tostevin is a photographer who not only shares his best photographs via his SJT Photography site, but also on his personal Instagram account.

This photo shows off Guernsey’s spectacular cliffs during the summer and this is something that you can experience on your next Guernsey holiday.

Why Scott Tostevin loves Guernsey

“I love Guernsey for the west coast sunsets and long summer days.”

Saumarez Nature Trail and Fort Hommet Nature Reserve

Saumarez Nature Trail and Fort Hommet Nature Reserve

Bella Luce Hotel is a boutique luxury hotel, restaurant and spa, but since creating its Instagram account in the early spring of 2016 it has become renowned for sharing some spectacular snaps of Guernsey.

Why Bella Luce Hotel loves Guernsey

A spokesperson for the Bella Luce Hotel, says, “Guernsey has such a range of landscapes for a relatively small island, from nearby Moulin Huet Bay and the dramatic cliffs of the south coast to the sweeping sandy bays of the west and north coast or the woodlands and fields of the inland parishes – and that’s before you even get to town or our sister islands! There’s history around every corner, but also lots of exciting developments pushing Guernsey forwards, and all of that makes it a fantastic and rewarding place to live and work.

“We often find the best opportunities for capturing photographs right under our nose; there are lots of lovely vignettes here within the historic walls of the Bella Luce (as well as the stunning copper of ‘Old Nick’, the still in our small batch distillery) and the lanes, cliff paths and beaches of St Martins are beautiful in every season. Bring a camera with you and carry it over your shoulder, so that you’re ready when the perfect capture presents itself.”

Guernsey to Herm

Guernsey to Herm

Paul Belben has been sharing pictures of his life on his Instagram account for the past 8 years and this photograph of a dolphin leaping out of the water was taken on a boat trip from Guernsey to Herm Island.

Why Paul Belben loves Guernsey

“The lifestyle, the environment, the beautiful scenery and the interesting heritage.

“Guernsey may be small, but there is so much opportunity to get out and be inspired by the surroundings. Instagram is the perfect platform to show Guernsey’s beauty to a wider audience!”

St Peter Port Harbour

St Peter Port Harbour

St Peter Port Harbour is an iconic landmark in Guernsey and the type of photograph you could take is perfectly represented by Guernsey-based photographer Paul Thomson via his Instagram account.

Why Paul Thomson loves Guernsey

Paul Thomson has been active on Instagram for more than 6 years since April 2012 and he succinctly sums up his love of the island, “Guernsey is my home and there’s nowhere else I’d rather live.”

The coastlines

The coastlines in Guernsey

There are lots of coastal walks and boat trips that will give you some stunning views of the coastline, but as this photograph from Try A Tri in Guernsey shows you can get some magnificent views from just swimming in the sea.

Try A Tri in Guernsey have been on Instagram for two and a half years since their first triathlon event and their photographs highlight the joys of running, swimming and biking on the island.

Why Try A Tri in Guernsey loves Guernsey

“Guernsey is a paradise in the Channel. We love the beaches, the outdoor lifestyle, the friendly, laid-back people and an incredible community spirit where people love to come together to make positive changes.

“Guernsey is the perfect place to escape to for a long weekend of healthy, active living, as well as some tasty treats to reward yourself with!”



On the west coast of Guernsey is Perelle, the islands premier surfing spot and a great place to visit if you want to take some photographs of the great surf. Based on Vazon Bay, Guernsey Surf School have been posting some great snaps from their lessons on their Instagram account for around 2 years, including this one of senior surf instructor Will De Garis riding the Big Peak from last winter.

If you’re looking at taking a surf lesson you can from 1 May – 31 October.

Why Guernsey Surf School loves Guernsey

Manager Steve Hardy, says, “A relaxed and friendly Island, ideal for families and kids and the waves are perfect for learning.”

Other great places to get that perfect snap

– Little Chapel
– Saints Bay
– Candie Gardens
– Castle Cornet
– Braye Beach, Alderney
– Cliff views at Icart

Image Credit: Locate Guernsey, Luc De La Mare, Paul Belben, Paul Thomson, Stuart Hamon, Guernsey Surf School, Try A Tri in Guernsey, Matt Gill, Bella Luce Hotel, SJT Photography.