Guernsey’s Twin Island Breaks: Sark

All information in this blog post is correct as of the publishing date,  22.05.13.

“…Only accessible by sea…”

There you have it, the magical element that makes Sark so special. Lying just east of its big sister Guernsey, Sark is tantalizingly close and it would be a real shame not to visit whilst spending a few days in the Bailiwick.

The short boat trip to Sark is akin to travelling back in time.  A world with no cars, no supermarkets and no sky-scrapers awaits you. Enjoy the peace, the quiet and the beauty of the smallest of the four main Channel Islands.

Peace and Quiet

Whether you decide to explore on foot, by bike or in a horse-drawn carriage, you can only but be charmed by the slow pace of the island’s life. But don’t be fooled by the relaxing atmosphere, Sark’s inhabitants like to keep busy and organize wonderfully quirky events.  The Island Hall regularly hosts concerts, the Sark Magic Society recently held a weekend festival and the annual Scarecrow Trail week will start on 25th May.


Sark Cottage

Small is Beautiful

Sark’s luxuriant landscape and its magnificent sea views have vowed more than one – an author by the name of Victor Hugo used to come to these shores for inspiration.

You can choose to explore the island on your own and meander through the countless lanes, or take a guided tour. The Visitor Centre, which used to be a 2 cell prison, will have all the information you need.

A must see is The Seigneurie (governor’s house) and its gardens. 22 Seigneurs have lived there since 1565. The house itself is therefore out of bounds but the park and gardens are highly commended for their beauty.

La Seigneurie Gardens, Sark

If you’re looking for somewhere to eat, drink and relax then don’t be fooled; Sark may be small but there are plenty of excellent restaurants, cafés and friendly pubs dotted around the countryside. For something special, try the Stocks Hotel Restaurant or an afternoon tea at La Sablonnerie Hotel on Little Sark.

And for a sweet treat? Visit Caragh Chocolates Tea Garden, run by the island’s only producer of hand made chocloates.

And Finally… Sark In Numbers

Sark has 600 inhabitants, 60 miles of coastline and 3 hotels.

Stop asking yourself questions about Sark – most answers are to be found right here on the island!