The MD’s view – May 2012

Robert MackenzieI have been doing a bit of travelling in the past month. One of the downsides of living on an island is that every time you need to escape it involves a flight or ferry journey. Many people look forward to the excitement of these journeys, but when you have to make trips every few weeks, the thrill of travel does diminish a little. This is especially true when using one of the major UK airports – in my case it is often Gatwick Airport. There’s been a lot of publicity around passport queues recently – but of course one of the joys of travelling to and from the Channel Islands is that you do not need a passport (any photo ID such as a driving licence will do). This means you fly through the border point, whilst those arriving from further afield can only look on green with envy!

Despite the border controls, large airports such as Gatwick are still quite stressful places to travel through and for many of our clients the opportunity to travel from a small, local airport is a real bonus. Over the years, C. I. Travel Group has operated a number of summer routes from airports all over the UK and earlier this month, we launched another new route to Jersey from Cambridge (Here’s a picture of the inaugural flight being welcomed to the airport).

Cambridge Inaugural Service WelcomeWith easy access, no queues & excellent facilities, the airport provides a great customer-focused experience. The distance from the front of the airport terminal to the aircraft steps can be no more than 200 metres – a lot less than the long slog to the gate at Gatwick!

Earlier in May Jersey & Guernsey welcomed over 160 tour operators from the UK and across Europe to a three day workshop. The event, which takes place every 2 years, provides a great opportunity to meet suppliers, learn about new product opportunities and discuss contracts for 2013. It also provides a rare chance to meet up with members of our industry in the islands.

We are about to start the long weekend celebrations for the Diamond Jubilee. The Channel Islands loyalty to the Queen is well-known and like many up and down the UK we will be celebrating her 60 year reign with a whole host of events. If you’re here on holiday this coming week I hope you’ll join us!

About Robert Mackenzie

Boss of C. I. Travel Group working with a fantastic team of people here in Jersey. I’ve been in the travel industry nearly 30 years and enjoyed every minute of it. Lived in The Channel Islands for half of that time and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.
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