Tips for a Hassle-Free Self-Catered Holiday in Guernsey

All information in this blog post is correct as of the publishing date,  11.07.19.

Choosing a self-catering holiday gives you freedom and flexibility on where to eat, the activities you do and even the length of your trip. Browse through the self-catering Guernsey accommodation we have available, which is sure to meet your every need, no matter what kind of holiday you want, from tranquil to action-packed!

When it comes to preparing for a self-catered holiday, there are a few extra things you need to bring and keep in mind so the whole experience is as hassle-free as possible. Read on to see our guide on choosing accommodation, items to bring and balancing dining in and out!


Choosing Accommodation

Finding the right self-catered accommodation is the first step to making your holiday special. The perfect apartment or cottage that you call home for a week or two can make a huge difference to your enjoyment of the holiday. Remember the place must tick the boxes on your preferences and needs before you are carried away with looking at places out of your budget. Keep in mind the number of rooms, how close it is to Guernsey’s beaches and top attractions and the accessibility if you have anyone elderly or disabled in the group. If you have children, it’s a good idea to choose accommodation that has a bath and shower and space for a travel cot. Should you have queries or requests about the property it is best to ask before you book, so you can be sure you are not bringing unnecessary items.

Fort Grey Sandcastle

The location of the property can be one of the hardest things to decide on when so many great options are available. Use Google Maps to give yourself an idea of where the holiday let is in relation to shops, restaurants and points of interest, as well as how easy it is to get to via public transport or car. Also think about whether an apartment with a sea view or cosy countryside cottage is what you are after, and if you would like access to a pool. It is a good idea to check out independent reviews for honest feedback too.


Pack Essential Items

It is annoying to arrive at your perfect self-catered holiday accommodation in Guernsey to find you can’t immediately put the kettle on but instead need to head to the shops. Therefore, bringing a few essential items can make the first night of your holiday so much better! Pack teabags and coffee, sugar, UHT milk and maybe a packet of biscuits. It is a good idea to put in some bread or cereal so you have something to eat in the morning. Check what is included before you arrive, but you might want to add in any must-have kitchen utensils as well.

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Packing in toilet roll, a small bottle of washing up liquid, laundry tablets, a small roll of bin bags and antibacterial wipes means you have the essentials to prepare you for the coming days before you have the chance to go to the shops. Always remember beach towels too, as many accommodations don’t provide them, and you are sure to hit the beach at least once!


Dining In or Out

When staying in self-catered accommodation, you need to make the most of the appliances and equipment available and cook! You could do a big shop when you arrive or simply buy food when you need it. When staying in to cook, go for simple one-pot dishes so you don’t have to spend lots of time in the kitchen – it is a holiday after all! However, being in self-catered accommodation means you might want to have an evening where you indulge and treat yourself to a special homecooked meal.

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When shopping, why not visit the island’s butchers, fishmongers and grocers so you can pick up fresh and local produce to cook? It is a good idea to think about the meals you will be eating at the apartment or cottage and meals you will need to prepare to take out such as picnics to avoid overbuying and surplus food that will go to waste when the holiday ends.

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Not doing a big shop and just picking items up when you need them also gives you the freedom to dine out when you want, meaning you can explore some of Guernsey’s fantastic restaurants and cafés. Read our blog on a foodie’s guide to Guernsey and find out the best places to dine at on the island!


Family Entertainment

Guernsey has loads of thrilling activities that will keep you busy for hours, from surfing to kayaking or a relaxing tour of the island on foot or bicycle, plus tonnes of exciting attractions. But for when you want to relax and have time alone in your holiday let, you should pack a few things to keep you entertained.

Kayaking in Guernsey


The self-catered holiday accommodation we have available have TVs, DVD players and Wi-Fi, providing entertainment for the evening and occasional lazy morning. Pack in a couple of films everyone loves and e-readers with your holiday reads downloaded. However, it is nice to turn the electronic devices off for a while and enjoy time with family. Bring a pack of cards or travel-size board games that will get you laughing for hours and purchase some outdoor games for the time you spend at the beach.


Packing Checklist

When you know what essentials to bring, it is a good idea to make a checklist so you can stay organised for the trip. Put the checklist into sections for your clothes, food, toiletries and other extras you need for a self-catered holiday and have a separate list for young children.

Your dog might be coming on holiday with you too, so you need to pack items for them to allow them to settle in quickly to a new environment. Bring their leads, dog bowl, and maybe the dog bed (if easily transportable!) so there are familiar items in the apartment.

Dog on the beachIn addition to a checklist for when you depart for your holiday, it is a good idea to have one for when you are heading home. This means you won’t accidentally leave anything important behind or even take something that was there when you arrived. Having a list will mean your holiday begins and ends as hassle-free as possible, giving you the opportunity to enjoy every second of your time in Guernsey.