Wellness Holidays To Guernsey

All information in this blog post is correct as of the publishing date,  18.08.17.

The Oxford English Dictionary describes wellness as:

“The state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal”

This may be a word that you’re hearing more and more of these days and that’s for good reason. Guernsey wellness experiences have become a large part of the local ethos, with people wanting to eat, drink and live healthier and the benefits are prevalent. This emerging trend has had a large impact on tourism in the Channel Islands and as it grows so do the possibilities. This means that visitors like you can experience relaxing wellness holidays to Guernsey!

 Residential Wellness Packages

It’s not just local businesses and the tourism body that are getting behind wellness, hotels throughout the island have begun to celebrate the benefits of wellness. Specially created packages have been devised to offer guests a heightened sense of well-being whilst on holiday in the island.

Package offers range in what they can provide but they don’t compromise when it comes to wellness. The St. Pierre Park Hotel has recently combined several activities along with access to their spa to create a Wellness programme that has everything you might need to come out the other side of your holiday feeling truly cleansed. From wellness meals, nutritional consultations and fitness classes paired with discounts off additional treatments included.

Why Guernsey?

Chloe from Visit Guernsey explains how wellness is a growing trend on the island. She says:

“Wellness is a growing trend in Guernsey; we are now seeing healthy options on restaurant menus, mindfulness courses, and pop up yoga classes on the beach, in the park and even in our very own 800-year-old Castle Cornet! You can go wild swimming, enjoy stand up paddle boarding and get closer to nature with foraging workshops to reconnect with your true self.”

Port Soif Yoga, Guernsey

As Chloe mentions, the activities available around Guernsey are both varied and perfectly matched for recharging your batteries and enriching yourself. Whether your version of “me time” is standing in the sea as you gently paddle your way through the salty blue, side planking as you acknowledge the parting of the sun for another evening or just having a walk around the delightfully secluded bays perfect for mindfulness. Guernsey will not only help you reconnect with yourself but give you a welcome respite to the pace of day to day life.

In The Sea

If indeed, your particular version of ‘me time’ does consist of being at one with nature then Stand Up Paddle Boarding (or SUP’ing) is a great way to exercise this. SUP’ing has become the world’s fastest growing water-sport and offers participants the chance to experience a new perspective from the sea. Alan Jenner from Guernsey SUP says:

“SUP – Walking on water…that’s the only way to describe SUP. You can look down from the board into the beautiful clear waters of Guernsey and watch a different world below you. It’s calming, mesmerising and provides everyone with vitamin sea. The world’s fastest growing water sport offers something for everyone…be it the thrill of surf to being totally chilled by touring and taking in Mother Nature.”

SUP Yoga Guernsey

There are many beaches around the island where you can take part in water sports, but if jumping headfirst into the sea doesn’t particularly interest you, there are many wellness activities that can be undertaken from the shore. Just standing on one of the beaches in Guernsey is almost enough to inspire a feeling of calm throughout you so with extra wellness focused activities available, you can be sure of a true wealth of tranquility.


Although, wellness is more than just holiday activities and The Art of Living Guernsey are working on developing the holistic mind, body and spirit of their clients. The programmes that they offer are a combination of the best of ancient wisdom and modern science. They cater for every age group – children, youth, adults, and every section of society – rural communities, governments, corporates etc. Julie Madeley from The Art of Living says:

“Emphasising holistic living and personal self-development, the programmes facilitate the complete blossoming of an individual’s full potential. The cornerstone of all our workshops is the Sudarshan Kriya, a unique, powerful breathing practise that facilitates physical, mental, emotional and social well-being. The Sudarshan Kriya and many other self-development techniques can easily be integrated into daily life to calm the mind and instil confidence and enthusiasm.”

If this sounds like it might intrigue and delight you, then why not drop into a free introduction to meditation at Moores Hotel, St Peter Port on the second, third and fourth Thursdays of each month and join The Art of Living Guernsey for a spiritual awakening.

Whether you’re actively seeking pre-planned packages, wellness focused companies or just a location to be at one with yourself then Guernsey surely has to be high up on your list. The beaches fulfil any need for respite, the cliffs will inspire awe and the in-land scenery will be enough to accomplish a real true sense of wellness. The local food, which islanders are so passionate about, is rich in natural ingredients from both sea and land and provides a great base that will form the energy for your wellness activities. With companies embracing the benefits of wellness the possibilities are becoming more and more boundless, as this continues to develop throughout the island both locals and travellers alike will be sure to benefit. When these developing attributes are combined, you can guarantee you will leave the island feeling reinvigorated, tranquil and composed.

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