Discover the hidden marvels of Guernsey’s Tides


The drastic change to the surroundings created by the tide is something you’ll quickly notice during your holiday to Guernsey, and whilst the tides roll out and the islands seemingly expand, opportunities to discover hidden gems on the sea bed are revealed. Whether you are a nature enthusiast with an adventurous streak or simply want to discover more about Guernsey’s unique environment, you’ll want to hear our recommendations of places to visit and activities to take advantage of during low tide.

Hidden places revealed at low tide



Lihou is the smallest of Guernsey’s Bailiwick Islands and is unique in that it can only be reached two weeks a month during low tide. Despite the need to be careful with your timings, the island is well worth a visit and as you walk along the revealed causeway you’ll feel soothed by the diverse wildlife to which it is home. Being internationally recognised by Ramsar as an important breeding ground for birds, anyone who is interested in bird watching will not be disappointed! From Lihou you may spot the famous bright-beaked Oyster Catcher as well as a few rare species as you discover the beauty of the island for yourselves.

Lihou Island

Venus Pool Sark

Like Lihou, Sark is another of the Islands of Guernsey but, unlike its smaller sister island, it can be reached by boat any day of the month! As you explore the island by foot, bike or even horse and carriage, the untouched beauty of the island can be appreciated around every corner and coastline. As you explore you may be lucky enough to bask in the natural Venus Pool which can only be spotted during low tide. If you can it’s well worth a visit for a refreshing swim or a relaxing rest stop where you can take in the breath-taking views.

Lihou Venus Pool

Moulin Huet Bay

When the famous painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir discovered the dazzling Moulin Huet Bay he fell in love with its crystal clear water and the spectacular views of the surrounding cliffs and ended up painting 15 pieces inspired by its beauty. You can bask in this charming spot and take in the picture-perfect views during low tide when the sandy beach is exposed, perhaps stopping at Moulin Huet Tearooms for one of their excellent cakes or unmatchable crab sandwiches!

Moulin Huet Bay, Guernsey

Low Tide Activities


La Vallette Victorian Bathing Pools

Since the Victorian times, locals and visitors to Guernsey have taken to La Vallette Victorian Bathing pools for a refreshing swim in the exhilarating fresh air. These pools were purposefully designed to fill up with seawater during high tide so that the Ladies’, Gents’ and Children’s Pools could be basked in twice a day during low tide. Although there are no longer strict segregation rules in place between the pools, to this day they draw in visitors who fancy the chance to try out wild swimming in a safe environment.

Vallette Bathing Pools, Guernsey

Discovering nature at L’Eree Beach

For anyone who appreciates the joys of nature, L’Eree Beach is definitely worth a visit. Children and adults alike love to discover the interesting wildlife that can be found in the rock pools that pop up along the shore as the tide rolls out, and as the beach is well sheltered it is a perfect place to go for a swim or snorkel in the calm water. As well as finding fascinating creatures at the beach, L’Eree Headland is a fantastic place to take a walk and admire the beautiful surroundings. This area is another of Guernsey’s Ramsar wetlands sites and is known for its natural beauty and the diverse species of wildlife that can be spotted and heard here!

L'eree Bay, Guernsey

RIB Trip to Herm

As the name suggests, the Herm Explorer Wildlife Voyage takes guests in search of the Islands of Guernsey’s beloved marine life creatures around the picturesque Bailiwick Island of Herm. As you discover the island by RIB the scenery changes with the tide and the expert guides at Island RIB Voyages will be getting you up close to the adorable seal colony, pointing out puffins, and if you’re lucky, dolphins, along the way. This is a great way to discover the unique life that thrives in Guernsey and is sure to be a memorable trip for any age. You’ll want to bring your camera along for this one!

Island RIB Voyages, Guernsey