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Top 10 rare birds spotted in Guernsey

Relaxing, diverse and naturally stunning, the Channel Islands are among the top destinations in Europe for people who love nothing more than exploring the great outdoors in peace and quiet. If you are currently looking into walking holidays in Guernsey … Continue reading

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An instagrammer’s guide to Guernsey

Many people say that if it’s not on Instagram, then it didn’t happen. That’s why millions of people use the photo sharing site to showcase their photography skills and the beauty of the area they live in or are visiting.

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Wellness Holidays To Guernsey

The Oxford English Dictionary describes wellness as: “The state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal” This may be a word that you’re hearing more and more of these days and that’s for good reason. Guernsey … Continue reading

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Summer Island Hopping from Guernsey

When exploring new places, choice is everything. Being given the opportunity to explore new places is the whole reason we all go on holiday, right? When you visit the delightful Island of Guernsey you don’t just have to settle for … Continue reading

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Victor Hugo and Guernsey

The imposing statue of Victor Hugo in one of Guernsey’s most beautiful gardens says it all…the relationship between the author and the island is longlasting and rightly so. It started in 1855 when Victor Hugo found himself in the Channel Islands having been … Continue reading

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